Job Description: Director of Missions of the EBA

Director of Missions

The Eastern Baptist Association (EBA) is actively searching for a full-time Director of Missions. The EBA encompasses the counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the southern area of Delaware and currently consists of 37 member and 5 mission churches of varying sizes, styles, and languages.
All interested candidates should submit a current resume to


I.     Associational Information


A.   Location:  The Eastern Baptist Association (EBA) covers Dorchester, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Talbot, Worcester, and Wicomico Counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the southern area of Sussex County in Delaware.


B.   Mission:  The EBA’s mission is to strengthen, encourage, and assist its member churches in kingdom work and connect these churches in the work of spreading the gospel through local, national, and international mission opportunities and planting new churches.


C.   Membership:  The EBA is made up of 37 member churches and 5 mission churches of differing sizes, styles, and languages.


D.   Present Condition:  As individual churches struggle with todays economic and ministry challenges, our association has experienced a decline in financial giving and participation.  With fewer resources, we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding the EBA organization, ministries, and day-to-day operation.  We have reduced staff, cut ministries, and recently sold the EBA building, choosing to operate from a “virtual office” setting.


The EBA is in a state of necessary change.  We need a leader who is not just a good “manager” but a “builder;” someone with the gifts, skills, and experience needed to take hold of a failing organization and build it back to the place where we are experiencing health and success once again.  We need a leader who is able to build relationships with individual pastors as an encourager and mentor.  We need a leader who can build relationships among the EBA churches and foster an environment of fellowship and encouragement.  We need a leader who can build relationships with our state and national conventions and connect our association to the people and resources needed to do ministry.


II.   Job Description


A.   Doing whatever it takes to:

1.    help our churches grow God’s kingdom by networking and resourcing our pastors and churches, developing missions opportunities, and planting new churches;

2.    provide spiritual, fiscal, and administrative leadership to the Association;

3.    supervise, encourage, and develop staff in a virtual office setting; and

4.    represent the EBA at denominational and other meetings.


B.   The EBA expects the DOM will:

1.    maintain an intimate and growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ;

2.    minister faithfully and lovingly to his wife and family as God requires in His Word;

3.    along with his family, be an active, serving, tithing, supporting member of an EBA church;

4.    be accountable to one or more Godly men in his walk with the Lord;

5.    be accountable to the EBA Personnel Committee for the performance of his duties as a DOM and meet with the Personnel Committee at least quarterly;

6.    worship with each EBA church at least once per year;

7.    meet face-to-face with each EBA pastor at least twice per year;

8.    increase the contributions from member churches to the EBA;

9.    help our pastors and church leaders develop a vision for reaching their respective communities with the Gospel and connect our churches and pastors with resources that will enable them to carry out that vision;

10. be a catalyst for getting our church on mission;

11. positively represent the EBA and its mission to our member churches;

12. work with the Personnel Committee for the hiring and, if necessary, removing of staff;

13. provide fiscal and administrative management and direction, including all volunteers and paid staff; and

14. be actively involved and engaged in each significant aspect of the life and ministry of the EBA.


C.   The EBA expects the DOM will not:

1.    serve as an interim pastor at any church for more than three consecutive weeks; and

2.    have any other additional employment without the prior consent of the Personnel Committee.